Cydia not updating repos

And now you get a small minor modification." One downside to jailbreaking is that it has always been a violation of Apple's End User License Agreement that every i OS user agrees to.

While not illegal in the United States, due to an exemption in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, jailbreaking also technically voids your device's warranty coverage.

Users have been noticing stability and speed improvements as the rewrite progresses, and the transition should be complete soon! Xx HHL We have open sourced the depiction conversion scripts that are being used in Sileo 1.3.6 beta!

Mod My recommends developers in the jailbreaking community use the Big Boss repository, which is one of the last major Cydia sources that remains functional.

i OS 11 is the first major version of Apple's mobile operating system that has not been publicly jailbroken.This fixes repos endlessly refreshing due to GPG validation errors.(Note: If you see errors on some repos when refreshing sources, delete and re-add said repos) Unlike certain other tools, Sileo on both Chimera and Electra does not block any repo!Sileo Beta 1.3.6 adds support for converting legacy depictions to native! The red legacy web depiction banner has also been removed! MS Sileo 1.3.5 is now available on the Electra/Chimera repos!

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