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Your twenties are a weird time, for a lot of reasons. But one of the weirdest parts about your twenties is the way that your friendships change. Yes, you worked hard to make sure your friends had good birthdays, and someone to talk to about their worries and fears, and someone they knew they could always count on. And it was such a natural part of your existence – the knowledge that you would simply see your friends with no planning required – that you didn’t even think about it.

You become an actual adult with real responsibilities (because college didn’t count). You start looking at the world with a new pair of eyes. But still, there was less effort that went into it. Because the foundation of your life, no matter how happy or unhappy you are, is this: wake up, make a living, go home, sleep, wake up, do it all over again. But because your friends aren’t the sole focus of your life anymore.

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The ones you would do anything for, and vice versa.

The sanctuary from small talk, the pep-talkers, the ones you can trust to tell you what you need – not want – to hear, the ones who will watch Making a Murderer with you for six hours.

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When you stopped in Jimmy John’s for a sandwich on your walk back. In the kitchen you shared in your beloved 4-person apartment senior year.

And they make you happy, and keep your social calendar full, and ensure you get the emotional recharging you need from the people you care about. So little by little, after you blink and realize you’re now twenty-seven instead of twenty-two, your friendships begin to fizzle. Your life now is bills and deadlines and job interviews and performance reviews and taxes and maybe searching for a mate and maybe trying to make it work if you’ve already found a mate and attending weddings and being in weddings and going to baby showers and trying to find the energy to do laundry after work and crowded subway rides and snoozing the alarm three times and flying home if you (ever) have a spare weekend because you haven’t seen your family in four months.

In the predictable furor that resulted, she is at pains to clarify her position on "pedophilia": she's very much against it.

It has recently come to our attention that one or more persons are using the word NAMBLA as part of an identifier on Twitter.

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