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The applications and, in some cases, supporting documentation contain a wealth of information about the military service, wartime experiences, and post-war quality of life of the applicants.Constitutions of the State of Mississippi Mississippi’s four constitutions – the original Constitution of 1817, the post-Choctaw and Chickasaw Cessions Constitution of 1832, the Reconstruction era Constitution of 1868, and the enduring Constitution of 1890 – are presented together.1927 Flood Photograph Collection The Mississippi River Flood of 1927 displaced 700,000 people and killed 246.Water covered 170 counties across seven states, from Illinois to Louisiana.

In addition to submerged rail lines and depots, they captured images of refugees camped along the levees and tracks, homes and businesses under water, and stranded livestock. The series includes papers of settlers, soldiers, and diplomats, as well as territorial, United States, and Indian officials.

The lists vary in content by year and may include such information as name, age, gender, race, election district or ward, name of parent or guardian, address, and reason for withdrawal from school. von Seutter Photograph Collection Elisaeus von Seutter was a German immigrant who opened a photographic studio in Jackson, Mississippi, in the mid nineteenth century. von Seutter Photograph Collection consists of 83 stereocards and photographs made between 18.

The stereocards feature images of Jackson including the Old Capitol, churches, and scenes along the Pearl River.

In such cases, the catalog record will direct researchers to the archives' media reading room for access.

Select a digital collection below or choose Government Archives to access electronic government series.

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