Creative and inexpensive dating for married couples

Use these icebreaker games for couples to introduce different couples and to spice up your next event.

In this game, you have some people who can draw a picture, signs or arrows.

Ideally, they should use very bright or dark colors.

If you have extra lipsticks, it will make the game more fun.

If you want to show that the words sounds like something else, use an ear to represent “sounds like.” For a couples event, you may want to try romance-inspired things like hugs, valentine’s cards, roses, diamond rings, hearts, chocolate, lace, music, restaurants or kisses.

You can also use the types of words that you would normally use for charades or similar games. While you could use it for introductions, it also works well as a way to close a party. You can light some candles to make a more intimate ambiance.

To make sure that your party is memorable, make sure that you plan out of your icebreakers.

If you need some supplies for it, make sure to collect them ahead of time. Fun prizes can go to the most romantic man, woman or couple.

This is another game that is better for people who have a sense of humor and are good sports.

Hand out the pieces of paper to each one of your guest.

Then, tell your guests to write down the name of an item they would like to get rid of at a yard sale.

They are also not allowed to mouth the words, sign what they are doing or speak words in any way.

Obviously, you might need some help for unusual words.

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