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Dragon Fruit replied by saying that the company will make money from the users who subscribe to the premium service.However, there isn’t a premium service yet, and even major dating apps such as Tinder use adds to draw in revenue.The reason why online dating proves helpful for Comicon convention attendees lies in that the expectation and boundaries have already been set. Even though the opening line of this article leans heavily on the joke that Comicon is a dating frenzy, it’s not exclusively for dating.You’ll have to gauge whether a person at Comicon wants to flirt, and it’s not right to assume that everyone attending will be up for that.In theory, Cuddli should have worked well as an app for the Cosplay dating community. That’s unfortunate for people, who are looking specifically for Cosplay matches and have to sift through preferences just like the mainstream apps such as tinder.The app used GPS, similar to Tinder, so you could match with like-minded people nearby.Unless you’re participating in the Sci-Fi speed-dating at Comicon.

With tons of authentic geeks, gamers, and cosplayers from all over the globe, we've got that special cosplay someone who you is just a click away.

If I put a male seeking a male why am I I getting girls in my suggestions?

Also guys too but i don't know if they are straight or what. Also all the high reviews on here are obviously by people who worked for the company.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to match with someone who shares an enthusiasm for dressing like notable characters?

There are good Cosplay dating sites in the works, so this article will not immediately send you back to Tinder.

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