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As a free member, you can only browse profiles and send flirt pings.

The people you send these flirt notifications to will be able to see them, but if they are also a free member, they wouldn’t be able to reply.

The Carousel shows two kinds of suggestions: ‘Meet’ and ‘Match’.

The Match tab is connected with Zoosk’s other matchmaking feature called ‘Smart Pick’.

It is easy to get the gist of a member’s personality just by looking at their listed interests, which any member can view freely.

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As this feature shows a lot of data, it simply won’t fit in the mobile app screen, or if it did, it would be hard to read.

As mentioned earlier, Zoosk has a strict verification process that is required for all members to continue using the dating site.

Failing to verify your identity will disable you from using the platform to find potential matches.

Rather than asking their members to complete a personality test upfront, Zoosk’s Behavioral Matchmaking technology gets to know each member as they use the dating site.

The matchmaking functionality Smart Pick, makes use of the behavioral data the technology was able to gather and matches you with a user who they think would be perfect based on that.

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