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The verse prominently features on New York's James Farley Post Office, although it has been slightly rephrased to Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.The economic growth and political stability under the Mauryan empire (322–185 BC) saw the development of impressive civil infrastructure in ancient India.The role of the system as an intelligence gathering apparatus is well documented, and the service was (later) called angariae, a term that in time came to indicate a tax system.The Old Testament (Esther, VIII) makes mention of this system: Ahasuerus, king of Medes, used couriers for communicating his decisions.Other sources claim much earlier dates for an Assyrian postal system, with credit given to Hammurabi (1700 BC) and Sargon II (722 BC).Mail may not have been the primary mission of this postal service, however.The mails were available to certain officials without charge, which became a controversial privilege as the years passed.On this basis the Indian Post Office was established on October 1, 1837.

Couriers were also used to deliver personal letters.It was spelled in that manner until the 17th century, and is distinct from the word male.The French have a similar word, malle for a trunk or large box, and mála is the Irish term for a bag.Some countries' postal systems allow for savings accounts and handle applications for passports.The Universal Postal Union (UPU), established in 1874, includes 192 member countries and sets the rules for international mail exchanges.

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