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One option you have when you begin tackling your student loan debt is to explore student loan debt consolidation.

But before you head down that road, here’s what you should know.

All products are presented without warranty." Graduating from college comes with the acknowledgment of great achievement — and, if you’re like 70% of graduates, a burden on your back in the form of student loan debt.

Recommended Student Loan Consolidation Companies The average college grad leaves school with ,000 worth of debt.

A recent Federal Reserve report found that 20 percent of the drop in homeownership among 24- to 32-year-olds between 20 was due to an increase in student loan debt.

Here's how to decide whether refinancing or consolidating your student loans could make your finances more manageable.

One payment could make you more likely to pay on time, which is the biggest factor in maintaining a strong credit score.

Refinancing has the added benefit of reducing the cost of your loans if you qualify for a lower interest rate or monthly payment.

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Instead, your loan is managed by a lending institution, such as a bank, credit union, college foundation, or a state agency.But if you switched majors, transferred colleges, or went on to graduate school, you may be among the 19% that owe ,000 and above, or the 5.6% who owe more than 0,000.Chances are if you’re dealing with student loan debt, you’re not just dealing with one loan. And if you couldn’t cover the costs with federal loans, you very well may have turned to a private lender, such as a bank or other lending institution (e.g., Sallie Mae) to fund the rest of your expenses.You’ll no longer owe the original loans, and since this consolidated loan is new, it will come with a new interest rate, a new payment policy, and new terms and conditions.There are both benefits and drawbacks to consolidating your loans, which we’ll discuss in this article.

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