Consolidating email accounts iphone

You will then be able to show or hide any of the standard mailboxes, as well as rearrange them by dragging them up or down.As mentioned previously, you can also hide mailboxes that you may not want to display. Simply uncheck it and it will be removed from the mailbox list.It’s interface might be “pretty”, but overall it sucks compared to Gmail. To use POP with Yahoo, you have to pay them .99/year for Yahoo Plus. My method is to use y Pops and retrieve the email down to Thunderbird.Then IMAP the local mail over to Gmail’s inbox and label it accordingly.By default, Mail will display the inbox of all currently enabled mail accounts, as well as the VIP list.In addition to these default mailboxes, Mail also has additional mailboxes that act as filters, letting you view messages based on their status.———-AOL to Gmail———-Over a year ago, AOL actually did something smart. This means you can actually migrate you email out of AOL pretty easy.My method is to use Mozilla Thunderbird and create an IMAP account for your AOL email.

To enable these additional mailboxes and have them appear within the main group, tap the Edit button within Mail.

Plus, Gmail’s great SPAM filtering, label system, powerful search, integrated calendar, chat, offline mail, and SMS set it apart from the rest. My own personal email box (Google Apps) contains over 8700 emails dating back to 2004 *This takes time – but the effort is worth it.

Once everything is consoldidated, dealing with email becomes far easier.

Also, setup your GMail account as IMAP in Thunderbird.

Select AOL email, r-click them and choose “copy to” and select the correct label (folder) in your Gmail.

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