Consolidating credit cards chase

And, helpfully, there are a number of solid options for consolidating credit card debt, including balance transfer cards with low fees and 0% interest offers.0% APR | No Fee | Fair Credit | Business | Loans With credit card interest rates as high as 30% not uncommon, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by interest charges while trying to pay down debt.

In these cases, reducing your interest rate can be a huge step toward making your debt more affordable.

In general, finding a 0% APR balance transfer offer with fair credit (or worse) will likely require some digging, especially if you prefer to stick with major banks.

Student credit cards and secured credit cards are the most likely to provide a good balance transfer offer.

Additionally, most credit cards charge balance transfer fees of 3% to 8% of the transfer amount.

So, while you may not be charged interest on a transferred balance with an intro-APR deal, you’ll still likely need to pay the balance transfer fee.

Regardless of your industry, nearly every business has quarters that are busier than others — and periods when revenue can be sporadic at best.

In some cases, the balance transfer fee waiver may only apply to transfers made within a set window after opening your account.

Check the card’s terms and conditions to determine when you need to transfer your balances to avoid paying a fee.

Thankfully, there are a number of balance transfer credit card options that offer solid intro-APR offers While there are only a few credit cards from major banks that offer deals on balance transfer fees, many credit unions have competitive balance transfer credit cards that come without any balance transfer fees.

Note that credit unions require you to be a member to qualify for their products.

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