Conservitve gay dating

I had still been trying to get her to fuck another man so I could watch but Ihave been unsuccessful, We have gone out to dance clubs where I have seen her dance with other guys,but she would have to be tipsy just to dance with someone else,alcohol has an affect on her that makes her lose inhabitions and she will let loose and some have fun,but this is rare,on one such occassion she had way to much to drink and was dancing with several men who were groping her openly on the dance floor.

I shot two loads on the front of her next morning she didnt wake till 10am I was outside when I heard her calling for me, I laughed to myself as Iwent to see what she wanted, The first thing out of her mouth was you ruined my dress, I asked what do you mean,she said your cum stains are all over my dress and its ruined.She asked whatdudes, I said I got up to go to the RR and when I returned you were gone, Ifound you out in a van with four guys, Thats when I got you and we headed home, She cried and ran inside saying I am suppose to protect her.I ran in after her and told herwhat I had done and promised to buy her a new dress, It didnt turn out the way I thought it would, I should of went withher bringing two guys home maybe she would have had a defferent reaction.It had been along time since we had done anything worth writing about.My wife marta was almost 40 years old now, And to dateshe has only touched two cocks besides mine.

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