Christina applegate dating history

As a teen in the ‘80s, she had it all— Jordache, scrunchies, oversized earrings, shoulder pads, bright eyeshadow, and everything else that made ‘80s chicks so fab.Many stars stay where they are comfortable, never making it to the latter decades or even centuries.But after taking one look, it’s easy to see that she had more potential than most of us can ever dream of. This technique isn’t used as much as it was before, but maybe that’s a good thing.Red was definitely one of her colors, and boy, was she a natural when it came to poses. We love to bask in the beauty of actors and actresses, but these days, there’s hardly any finesse.

Not very many people can say that they are relevant every single decade, but here Christina Applegate is killing it. To honor Miss Applegate, we are showing her off with twenty-five of her best photos that focus on everything we love about her.

The hair is way too smooth and flat to be in the ‘80s but her age is definitely under 30.

That leaves the mid-nineties or possibly anywhere in the ‘90s.

Anyway, it’s almost as if Christina Applegate was the first one to give us this dark aura that is so alluring.

It’s used over and over again these days in Maxim and other modeling magazines.

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