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: With dating for parents, a person’s character can reveal a lot about how harmonious a relationship could be.

You’re not just concerned with an individual’s integrity and moral character.

You’re both single parents, so you will have your expectations on how they should behave, just make sure you’re in agreement or this could cause problems down the line. But remember, in dating for parents this works both ways.

: Never underestimate the importance of how someone else treats you as this is what will endure. If you expect compassion towards your single parent family, then you must be prepared to give it back.

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And isn't each of the parents in a married couple all the better at parenting for having the love and support of each other?

A difference of about one percentage point is not a very big return on twice the love, attention, and resources. In a nationally representative sample of many different kinds of households - two-parent biological households, single-mother households, adoptive households, stepmother, and stepfather households - there were no differences at all.

It's not that two was a magical number of parents - on the average, the kids did better living with a single mom than they did with a dad who was married to a stepmother. What mattered was NOT how many parents there were, or whether the parents were biologically related to the children.

I haven't heard her version and I'm not going to look it up.

I'm totally open to other points of view but I don't want to encourage hateful expressions of them.

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