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"If you have injured your partner and want to mend the bond, it's in your interest to make it unnecessary for them to snoop, to be transparent and show them you aren't hiding anything."But it's also important to understand the distinction between secrecy and privacy, sex therapist Michael Aaron explained."In my mind, privacy refers to things that are important to us as individuals but don't necessarily affect the relationship, while secrecy is something that affects the other partner, usually in a nonconsensual way," he explained.In October 2009, David Letterman admitted to having affairs with some of his female staffers."I have had sex with women who work for me," the late-show host admitted in front of a live studio audience.Click through the gallery for more couples who stayed together after an alleged affair."Bones" star David Boreanaz in 2010 admitted cheating on his wife.Despite the fling, he is still married to Jaime Bergman, whom he wed in 2001.In December 2013, actors Dean Mc Dermott and Tori Spelling had a falling out after reports that he'd had an affair.

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That knowledge comes the power of a secure attachment.

"If your partner were in the room looking at you and feeling very uncomfortable with what they're witnessing, you might consider you're doing something hurtful or something that violates them." On the other hand, said psychotherapist Marty Babits of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, "I am wary of falling into the perspective in which one of the two is clearly the victim and the 'victimized' on the basis of what they call sexual infidelity. The term 'cheating' often becomes a way in which partners obfuscate their need to work through primary issues related to guilt and shame." The biggest issue many couples have, in my experience, doesn't necessarily involve the behavior itself but the secrecy around it.

For instance, research suggests that women whose partners lie about viewing porn are more dissatisfied with their relationships than those whose partners are honest about it.

In a statement issued to the New York Post, Marino said: "'This is a personal and private matter.

I take full responsibility both personally and financially for my actions now as I did then."Singer Fergie, best known for her success with the Black Eyed Peas, and actor Josh Duhamel have been married since 2009.

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