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In order to improve the safety of buildings the government forces by law to reinforce the structure with steel frames.

View from the graveyard on the village, Meymand, South-eastern Iran The 12,000 year old village consists of a number of amazing manmade caves that are still used today.

What we did not expect was that Iran would have two kind of treasures.

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The second was that people would be warm and friendly.The museum houses a collection of tools telling the everyday life of the inhabitants of Meymand.Assan in his Cave, Meymand, South-eastern Iran Assan is from Shahr -e- Babak (30km from the village) where his wife and family still live.In this 20 m², Salma and her husband raise 8 children. Here as all over Iran the custom is to cover the room with carpets and sleep on in a bed made every evening.Yazd old city center, Eastern Iran Yazd has an incomparable architecture due to centuries of adaptations to its desert surroundings.

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