Chaste dating

There is a lot of support for this view from government-funded campaigns, health clinics, popular magazines, school-based sex-education, and the media generally.

but then the screen showed that I had completed Step 1 of making my own blogg! But it appears that this book will be years in the writing.

It is assumed that the man will have little power to resist if ever she says Yes to him.

Dr Richmond Rikard-Bell, a medical doctor who maintained an interest in sexual dysfunction whilst practising as a G. for 25 years in Queensland, Australia, disagrees…In his 1990 book “Loving Sex” (Wypikaninkie Publications) Dr Richmond Rikard-Bell asserts that it is the man, not the woman, who is ideally suited to be the final gate-keeper for chaste dating.

The scandal of the Cross is that it exposes the fact that Humanity murders innocents - against the Will of God.

In the Radical Gospel, we are confronted with our own deep tendency to scapegoat (rather than face up to our own shames and inadequacies with faith and hope).

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