Cerebral palsy and dating youtube

Classification of gross motor, fine motor and communication will help medical professionals and the family to better understand the abilities of the child and what to focus on for interventions.The diagnosis of cerebral palsy is based on a clinical description.The diagnosis is not based on the result of a (biological) test or on imaging findings.Consequently, the diagnosis can be subject to some degree of variability.Communication is necessary to express thoughts, feelings, and needs.Every individual with Cerebral Palsy needs a way to communicate to be part of the family and the community.The aim and types of interventions are unique for each child with Cerebral Palsy because their needs are all different depending on the level of disability.

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Look at the following pictures of the brain to understand the relationship between the location of the damage and the symptoms.Some severely affected quadriplegics die of malnutrition, infections or respiratory problems before reaching adolescence.In some very poor and poor resource areas children with cerebral palsy may not reach the age of 5 years.There is no one test to confirm if a child has cerebral palsy or something else.There is no blue print of interventions for a child with cerebral palsy and each child is different and unique.

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