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is almost identical to the many, many other singing reality shows on TV. The best singers get to stay and perform, and the worst ones get eliminated, week by week, until a final winner is crowned. The judges are Robin Thicke, Jenny Mc Carthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger.

But ’s gag is that its singing contestants are all celebrities — the intro teases them as “Grammy winners, Emmy winners” and major athletes — and they perform wearing massive, impressive, very strange costumes that hide their identities. The vibe of the whole thing is “what if Gritty walked out on a soundstage made to look like an arena concert, belted out Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me,’ was described as ‘a professional’ by Jenny Mc Carthy, took off his head to reveal he was Joey Fatone, and the entire experience felt three clicks away from an episode of are actually Gritty, although one is a blue cyclops monster who looks like a distant relative.

The actor Danny Dyer’s daughter, Dani, actually won the fourth season. Technically viewers vote for their favorite couple, who receive a money prize (50,000 British pounds in the original show, an unannounced sum in the U.

I cannot imagine anyone underneath that mask whose identity would excuse a judge frequently leering at them. Somewhere buried in their cores, the idea of judging a singer on a reality show is often about a slew of powerful American myths.

Islanders can also win challenges, which tend to be outrageously silly and lewd.

Sometimes, they also involve reading “mean tweets” from the public about the contestants.

Because all of the assessments in the first two episodes are made by the judges or studio audience, it’s hard to know if the whole season was filmed in one big chunk, or if it’ll later shift to more timely production schedule.

Was the whole studio audience stuck there for several days of production?

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