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No, I can’t confirm if Asian women have tight vaginas. Assume I would be a passive, submissive, and obedient partner.

Here’s basic manners 101: never comment or inquire on an individual’s body unless they grant you permission to do. Unless we’re dating and I’ve explicitly expressed to you I enjoy being submissive in the relationship or bedroom, don’t automatically assume I will conform to these gender and race roles solely because I’m Asian.

While it’s not something I get offended about, it can be irritating when I’m forced to play a round of “Let’s Guess Your Ethnicity! You’re not and I don’t know how to deal with that.” She goes on to clarify that being ignorant doesn’t mean you aren’t a kind person with good intentions; it simply means some of the things you say can be “pretty annoying” when heard by racialized individuals over and over again.

In all honesty, it’s emotionally draining having to go, “Well actually, what you said to me offensive…” and challenge your deep-rooted beliefs about who you think I am.

And yes, I speak English so there’s no need for you to show off your limited Chinese by greeting me with “Ni Hao.” In fact, I prefer if you didn’t.

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I’ve always wanted to sleep with a Thai girl.”Not only did this guy view me as an object for his own desire, it was clear that he saw every Asian woman he met as a conquest — a list of “exotic women” to cross off his sexual bucket list. I have no intentions of sleeping with so you can home and brag to your friends that you slept with an Asian girl.”Newsflash: mentioning your ex’s ethnicity doesn’t make you more desirable, sexually appealing, or trustworthy — and it certainly doesn’t make you appear more cultured if you’re a white heterosexual man.Instead, all you’ve informed me is that you once dated a girl that vaguely looks like me with ancestors that also came from the largest continent in the world.When you say stuff like, “How do you not like anime? ” or “I actually have a Chinese tribal tattoo and started taking karate lessons,” what you’re telling me is that you want me to be a certain type of Asian girl that you can bond over East Asian culture with.While it’s admirable that you’re learning about different cultures than your own, but you might be appropriating Asian culture more than you think (and that’s a fine line you don’t want to cross).

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