Can dating a younger man work ssbbw dating

While there are certainly dramatic older women, most older women have their shit together.They know what they want, what they expect, and aren’t afraid to tell you outright.This means men don’t have to worry about the woman being a gold digger, nor do they have to feel the pressure of providing for her.Don’t be surprised if the older woman wants to “pamper you” by paying for dinner or buying you that new suit you need for your job interview.

This translates into older women being better in bed.

Apparently, younger men try harder to please women than their older peers, and they also have a lot more stamina. But, as one woman dating a younger man pointed out, younger men grew up after the feminist movement.

In 2008, a study came out in the journal It found that women in relationships with men 10 or more years younger were more satisfied than women with men their same age or older. They don’t think twice about being with a woman who has her own career and younger men aren’t fazed by things like helping with household chores, cooking, and childcare.

As much as we like to say things like “only love matters,” the truth is that outside factors can have an influence on our relationships, such as in interracial dating.

With older women dating younger men, you’ll have to keep these potential downsides in mind.

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