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“I consciously made a decision that life is not about money.” A series of life transitions led the Camman family to farming and into a new and wildly fulfilling life.

It all started about eight years ago, when the Cammans moved back to the Rochester area from Indianapolis to be closer to family and purchased Heather’s family home and land in Brockport.

Farm life has certainly come with challenges, and the learning curve has been steep for the Cammans.

But Shane’s former life gave him the confidence and stamina to take it all in stride.

Shane Camman and his high-school-sweetheart-turned-wife, Heather, had what appeared to be the picture-perfect life.

“I missed my daughter’s kindergarten graduation; missed my son’s first soccer game.

I was travelling all the time,” says Shane, thirty-seven.

And while success can mean many different things, these days success for the Camman family means sharing products from their land with the public, educating their customers and friends, and enjoying the simple things in life, down on the farm.

Katie De Tar is the host and producer of the television travel series Fringe Benefits, airing now on public television stations.

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