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But the complete failure to even muster a half hearted effort at providing an app that even works at a mediocre level is astonishing. You just want some DAR or memes or some crap and somehow you find yourself angry, disappointed, and borderline enraged by the time you’ve reloaded the app 4 times to try to see the freakin pics on a juicy thread or post.You can google it yourself and see nothing but an avalanche of complaints and comments from almost every person on the planet who has used the app and it’s an utter dumpster fire. Save yourself the agony and just bookmark the Safari link to the Chive online. Or if you are the kind of person that loves standing in line to find out they sold the last item to the person in front of you, or arriving at your favorite restaurant to find out they are closed that day, or opening up your one present on Christmas morning to find it is an empty box and a cruel joke.....well, then download the app and you’ll be repeatedly abused.You'll soon learn to spot situations where the different rules can be applied to best effect.Photography composition doesn't have to be complicated.In the real world, you'll be working with a wide range of subjects and scenes, and this requires a much more open-minded approach.

It makes your subject smaller than it needs to be and can also leave viewers confused about what they're supposed to be looking at.You can often improve on both horizontal and vertical shots by cropping the photo later.After all, it would be too much of a coincidence if all your real-life subjects happened to fit the proportions of your camera sensor.This way you're telling the viewer what's important in the frame.You can't always keep other objects out of the picture, so try to keep them in the background or make them part of the story.

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