C textbox validating event not firing Sverige sexchat

The Key Down event is fired after the message is handled, if an unhandled message still exists..more info on this..a google search for Thanks for the article, it looks like it may help, when I can get my head round it! Which is handled when the control recieves a WM_KEYDOWN message.It's just that all controls have Causes Validation by default set to true.I think (but could be wrong) the mousedown will happen before your validate.

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(and hopefully it will keep working when I add more panels and other controls that may need validation ;-) Regards...If the form code is defined within the Word add in, the validating and validated events run as expected - when the Ok button is clicked.I wanted to make the form reusable, so I moved the form into a separate class library.The form largely works as expected but the validating and validated events It seems that you can get things working if you: 1) Set the Auto Validate property of the base form to Disable. 2) Set the Causes Validation property on the textbox to true.

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