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That relationship is not a qualifier for black love.

Now if the article was Swirl Love and Relationships then there would be a point in all of this.

Furthermore, I wish them a lifetime of love and reggie choking on the football field. Obviously not all black woman have issues finding a good man but the majority of black woman are still single and waiting for a good black man or just a good man. Not every woman sitting waiting for a black man, some are willing to date outside there race if they had the opportunity as black men do.Kanya and Alexis, Kanye and Amber, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Keisha and Daniel. Even if Reggie wasn't with Kim, he wouldn't be with you.Stop putting so much hateful energy into these comments and channel it into bettering yourself.What insight can he offer black women and men about rleationships.I guess that ABC News article about black single and unmarried women did not strike a bell with Essence, for them to decide to this.

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