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Fiji and San Juan del Sur proceeded with an uneven gender balance.This occurrence made the show's fourteenth season, Fiji, the only season in the history of the show to start with an odd number of players."I was at a point that, I wanted to be out; I just didn't know how to come out. I’ve gotten closer to them (since coming out), and that’s something I was scared about (when I was coming out.)” Now appearing: Was a special guest in May at the Long Beach Gay Pride Parade.The past three months (since coming out) have been great. Scheduled for appearances at Gay Pride events this summer in Atlanta, Kansas City and Orlando, among others. I never thought I’d be at this point, at this comfortable level (in the gay community).” Could you have been out while playing in college? At that time, I don’t think people were as accepting; people were a little more ignorant, un-educated. If I was in college now, I would be able to be out, but not back then.Calderon worked at Long Beach under volleyball coaching legend Brian Gimmillaro.He was a volunteer assistant for three years, then a paid, full-time assistant coach for his last two seasons with the team.His childhood was difficult and coming out at a late age took a lot of courage in regards to a family and their machismo and expectations of him, including his sexuality.

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"I guess coaching was my calling," said Calderon, who also spent two years (2004-05) playing on the AVP circuit.

"I don't live in a stereotypical gay world," said Calderon, 31, who still lives in Long Beach.

"I don't have a lot of gay friends, just a handful.

"I was so fortunate; I was able to be around the best of the best, and learn from some really great people," he said.

He now coaches for the Mizuno Long Beach Volleyball Club, and two of his teams (Under-18s and Under-15s) are the No.

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