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Proposals for marriage equality in the North have been blocked by the DUP, who have deployed "petitions of concern" which require proposals to achieve cross-community majorities.Most parties in the North now advocate for marriage equality.In 2017, Northern Ireland remains the only part of the UK, or the island of Ireland, where LGBT citizens don't have the right to get married.Social media was awash on Saturday with photo and video of celebrating demonstrators who marched on Belfast's City Hall to demand equal rights.From there, the Segways move on to Titanic Studios, where HBO's Game of Thrones is produced, and the Titanic Dock & Pump House.Don’t forget that all-important Segway selfie – nab it on the return journey with the huge Samson & Goliath yellow cranes in the background.The tour departs from the main entrance of Titanic Belfast, and covers about a mile, with a café break of 30 minutes.

Another statue by Brock depicts Sir Edward Harland, ship’s plan in hand, who was Lord Mayor in 1885/6.Less than half the price of entry to Titanic Belfast itself, the hour-long walking tour invites visitors to discover the ship from the spot where she was built and launched, including a walk through Harland & Wolff’s Drawing Offices - where Titanic and the rest of the mighty 'Olympic' class were designed.You’ll also learn about the creation of the iconic Titanic Belfast building - the world's largest Titanic visitor attraction, and now a symbol of a resurgent Northern Ireland.Northern Ireland is currently in a state of political upheaval, with its various parties unable to agree to a power-sharing deal.The deadline for such an agreement is Monday, July 3.

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