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The message was from a woman who had dreamt about me.

She described the dream in vivid detail and asked what I thought it meant.

Whether you go rock climbing, bowling or just simply walking in the park, being in a new environment always encourages conversation.

These activities allow you to relax and open up about yourself more and not feel the pressure to keep the conversation going.

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Leave the past in the past and just think about today.

Take a deep breath, relax, shift yourself forward and say “You have beautiful eyes” or “You look very nice this evening.” A compliment is a surefire way to make your date smile while dissolving any awkwardness.

Smiling, nodding and making eye contact are three key body language moves that encourage your date to keep talking.

The date was going well, but then you stumbled upon the killer of all great dates: the awkward silence.

It’s that moment when a sudden silence falls upon the dinner table.

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