Avira antivir stops auto updating

Check if you have another security software with a firewall installed on your computer.Open the Windows Start menu, to see the list of the installed software.(Start → Settings → System → Apps & features) If you can identify the security software with the firewall, you can generally see and modify the list of allowed and blocked applications in the firewall's settings.What is not affected at all is the manual update process.To fix Avira Antivir Update problems a user would therefor need to aquire a new virus definition file and update the software manually with it.

This utility creates an archive (fuse bundle) containing the latest engine, the Avira VDF update files and the corresponding Avira antivirus update control files (info.gz).

In other words, you no longer have to download an entire archive for each engine and signature update.

Head over to our download section, where you’ll find the most recent versions of our products.

Although automatic updating is the best way to stay protected, you can update Avira antivirus manually anytime.

For Windows users, the easiest way is to right-click the Avira icon in the taskbar and select Start update.

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