Auto updating excel sheet

So, the worksheet owner might want to see the last updates with the update date and time.7) We are done.

Now save your workbook pressing CTRL S or from the File tab. This message will show if your workbook is saved with extension instead of extension.

If there are multiple type of graphics in a workbook, and you just want to export all charts across worksheet to a folder as gif of other type of picture, you can use Kutools for Excel's Export Graphics utilty, which only need 3 steps to handle this job .

HI, This trick doesnt work if you want to add new columns. What if there is a data yearwise in columns and every year a new year column is added so how will it get added to the chart ??

if the B7 you are updating is in "Sheet1" then the code for the Worksheet_Change event should be under Sheet1 too.

You can right click the tab for the sheet, and select show code to get to the right place in VBE.

In the Create Table dialog box, if your data has headers, please check My table has headers option, then click OK. And the data range is formatted as a table, see screenshot: 4.

It’s full function without limitation in 60 days,please download and have a free trial now.Excel should be aware that any cell using B7 needs to be recalculated when changed, so that should be handled automatically.Your code will work if you place it in the sheets event not in Modlue please find the below image for your reference.Can you check and make sure the data in there is all still numerical?I think I've noticed this happening for me when I threw in a value once that was "$xyz" as opposed to "xyz" (I mean xyz to be some integer, of course). I suggest you copy your formula into Notepad, then type any number into the cell.

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