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In a survey by Illicit Encounters, 27% of teachers admitted to having sex with Surprisingly, finance falls mid-pack when it comes to careers in which people are most likely to cheat. and we already know what happens when colleagues are overly stressed at work.

A significant number of both men and women confess to extramarital affairs in this industry.

Figuring out why those in the art and entertainment industry are more prone to affairs than say, accountants, becomes easier when you consider the type of profession this industry warrants.

The medical field is the top career for female infidelity at 23%.

High stress, long hours, and depression are standard with this job, so it seems (somewhat) logical that workers would seek affairs to blow off a bit of steam.

Still, men pick up the slack when it comes to extramarital activities.

It’s ranked as the 12th most common career for cheaters.

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