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, you clearly have not been enjoying this show like you should.

But while object lessons in stepping outside your comfort zones are all well and good, I still look at Justin and Max and think they could work on paper, even beyond the animal attraction that they showed in that first kiss of theirs, a dramatic locker-room, up-against-a-wall number that by all rights should be an MTV Movie/TV Awards nominee next year.

If Justin and Max are a bust as well, that deals a severe blow to the rule of attraction. That when we open ourselves up to the possibilities offered by all genders and sexual orientations, we have to look beyond our most basic attractions.

If you think that's a bit too social-science-y for Are You the One?

But do I think it makes sense that the matchmakers put the square-looking guy who enjoys playing with his gender expression with women’s clothing with the trans-masculine non-binary person who’s as horny as a pack of rabbits? JR: Okay, that's a fair point, but you didn't have to bring Macklemore into it, jeez! My final point is mathematical: If you look at the blog linked above, there are only 11 possible combinations of couples left. ), and Kai and Remy (which I’ll admit is the most believable couple on this list).

I’m not ready to take that mathematical leap of faith for this set of matches. First of all, while you're right that Justin and Max have only one path out of 11 where they are confirmed as a couple, but that 90/10 figure is a bit misleading.

Well, we've gathered one Justin/Max (Primetimer managing editor Joe Reid) and one Danny/Kai (Priimetimer contributing writer Kevin O' Keeffe) to hash it out before Monday night's all-new episode. I know I should be rooting for Justin and Max at this point.

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Danny, meanwhile, has been the sweet soul perpetually passed over by his oversexed housemates.

Editing-wise, a Danny-Kai fan has to be hoping that MTV has been slow-playing this reveal.

Mathematically, it has to be one of them, to the point where separate camps are setting up: are you a Justin/Max or a Danny/Kai?

They've been one of the 2-3 most dominant storylines this season, with Max initially reluctant to break out of his only-bi-in-L. closet, and Justin having a bit of a wandering eye (no great sin in this particular context, but understandably irksome to Max).

Currently, though, Max and Justin are fully boo'd up and feeling awfully confident that they're the third beam from the most recent matching ceremony.

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