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The story of Anahi’s somewhat dated décor yet unique ambiance has been revived by the talented interior designer duo Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet.

Rather than starting anew, the brief called for celebrating the restaurant’s history, drawing upon much of the existing texture and structure while reinforcing its lively Argentinean identity.

In addition, they also craft their own signature drinks with likeminded south-of-the-border ingredients such as the Pisco pas Pisco (made with brandy, avocado purée, lime juice, coriander, and pepper) and the Misterio (made with mezcal, grapefruit juice, carrot syrup, cumin, and cardamon). On the right, you’ve got steak, steak, and more steak. Anahi is more olé than ohlala, so chef Gabriele Faiella offers a choice of charcoal-cooked cuts from all over the world (Australia, Japan, USA, and Argentina) including filet, skirt, rib-eye, bone-in-rib, etc.

Everyone knows top-quality beef is best paired with creamy mashed potatoes so they serve each cut with a bowl of either classic, lemon, Argentine herbs, jalapeño, bacon, or truffle cream (that are well worth the extra ).

Humbert & Poyet have created a non-pretentious and sophisticated space with 54 seats, where rich palette and polished brass connect the restaurant to its Parisian flair while the soft and delicate updates bring out a more romantic side at play.

Inspired by the restaurant’s long-standing identity, strong soul and good vibes, the design exposes raw bones of a space while also creating an equally refined interior.

We see numerous references of simplicity and elegance woven throughout the space, turning those charming imperfections into a piece of art.

This profile is part of a series of New Faculty Profiles that highlight and introduce up-and-coming PIs in SSE. Post-doc: Department of Biological Sciences, University of Idaho. Another complementary part of my research is focused on identifying how the landscape affects pollination interactions in fragmented landscapes, something that has important implications for both our understanding of the evolution and ecology of communities, and their conservation.

For the restaurant legend Riccardo Giraudi, a renowned high-quality meat importer and creator of the global ‘Beefbar’ brand popping up all over the world, the design approach was all about preserving Anahi’s heritage and traditional butcher shop atmosphere.I feel strongly about helping people in their careers.Being a Latina makes me extremely aware of the difficulties underrepresented groups have to access leadership roles, and of the small number of role models present for those groups.However, I think that one of the actions I feel the proudest about in my science ‘outreach’ was being elected to participate as a Lead Author in the first UN-mandated IPBES report on pollinators, pollination, and food production (https://Here, my ‘hybrid’ evolutionary and ecological background was extremely useful, because I could contribute with an evolutionary perspective in a theme that is usually considered mostly from an ecological point of view, making the report more all-encompassing.

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