Aka dj zinhle dating

Those who had stood in solidarity with Zinhle were really disappointed.

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AKA said on Twitter that DJ Zinhle had pushed him to the limit when she bought the T-shirt and posted a picture of herself wearing it. “Don’t let our silence fool you into thinking we don’t have s**t say. AKA, however, did say he would try to arrange a meeting with her family, only that they didn’t seem to get along with DJ Zinhle judging by their absence in her life.

Here is the statement: “This is to confirm that Ms Matheba is aware of the allegations made against her, and the media reports surrounding the matter.

We are taking these statements very seriously and are unfortunately unable to comment further as the issue has been handed over to Ms Matheba’s legal team.

After a long day of DJ Zinhle, AKA, Bonang, Euphonik and Pearl Thusi trending on Twitter, Zinhle has finally broken her silence.

DJ Zinhle took to Twitter to respond to her baby daddy AKA’s Twitter rant, saying she had not meant to respond but had no choice but to do so – because of the mistake AKA had made by bringing her mom into it. The rapper says Zinhle is not aware of what she is doing, indicating that Euphonik is using her, the same guy who DJ Zinhle says was “begging” her not to respond to AKA’s tweets.

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