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It would be like the president of a bank giving me money to live on after I’d robbed his bank.

I owed Michelle a tremendous debt and needed to make my crime right; to continue accepting her love felt too much like stealing.

John had committed adultery on his wife several years earlier, and his marriage had made it.

Overwhelmed by guilt and knowing our marriage covenant was broken I told Michelle what I’d done a few days later. She fell apart crying with deep, heart-rending sobs, repeating my name “….” When I heard the pain pouring out of my wife I realized I’d hurt her deeply and inflicted an enormous amount of damage to our marriage. In the following weeks, our marriage teetered on the brink of disaster.

Michelle would be ok one moment, and then something would trigger in her and she’d either start crying or go off on a burst of anger.

If she agrees to stick it out the couple will be in for months of emotional strife and pain. After I’d committed adultery and was pondering whether to tell Michelle I asked John whether I should tell her or not.

I knew John and his wife had gone through a rough time keeping their marriage together so I was hoping he’d say “ there’s no way I’d tell her again”, as I didn’t want to tell Michelle what I’d done.

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