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Not sure shorts are necessary though as there is no logic unless you dress them in shorts on the beach etc.Hahanono is perhaps the most addictive flirt & chat app available. Meet the one you’ve been missing, anywhere you are.You can even get shorts and leggings combined as one garment. Plenty wrong with little girls showing their knickers in a public place these days luckygirl. GDs quite happy to splash around naked in sprinkler in back garden.

Yes very very sadly if I had the responsibility of dressing a little girl now I would ensure that her knickers were entirely adequate to cover her.

Jurisdiction is the number one factor you should look in any VPN service.

Out of the 123 VPN providers we tested, Pure VPN is amongst the few services that are located outside 5 eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 eyes jurisdiction.

Am I being odd to think wee girls dont need an extra layer of clothes or are there really that many perverts about that are watching our kids in the jope of seeing their undies I think the small Lycra exercise shorts under dresses is a good idea for girls who want to hang upside down on monkey bars or do cartwheels on the school field.

School dresses seem very short these days and most girls don't want to show off their pants! I've made some gingham shorts for my GDs to match their summer dresses , I've had so many requests I could start a business.

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