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I messaged him, how did you find me since we have no similar friends. He was getting back into the dating scene since his divorce 5 years ago. Since he caught his wife cheating with another man. So I texted him, and I'm said; send me a picture of you right now. Pictures are awesome - very good looking - 60 ish and is looking for a wife (his son wants a mother figure). Doing the search with that name, there is a John Allen in Los Angeles (this is where he says he is from); but no idea who this person is or is not - but I do know it is a SCAM. The first for 000; the second only for my heart. Mowed over to what's app and he uses a Nigerian number -surprise. Ok now I get the friend request, I guess I'm still hoping there are decent men out there. Told Richard, he didn't want to be called Rich, I'm not as naive as I once was. Thinking back now, I mostly kept the conversation going if ladies that is a clue. I am recently divorced, lonely, and have lost my marriage, home, my job. He couldn't get to the money wired to him, several hundred million, he said, because of a mix up with the deposit. FBI...https://com/amp/Technology/wire Story/us-indictment-charges-80-fraud-schemes-money-laundering-65125441#aoh=15665171890973&referrer=https:// %1$s? amp_js_v=a2&_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQEKAFw AQ==&cid=referral_taboola_feed Stories are all very similar. I woke up in the middle of the night, having that nagging feeling, something is not right. (That nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach still.) Which on FB. I just want to see how long it takes him as this is about the fifth time he's asked me to help him in the past week and a half and I'm going to keep telling him no. This guy is too good looking and successful to sound true. ) But I went along for a bit, but was always suspicious and did some checking. ED: you can post pictures when you start a new submission [but not when you are adding a comment to an existing submission] - use the page below and you can see photos there and you can also post your own story and photos there: https:// been scammed twice. ‘You are wrong, You’re making a mistake’ was all he could come up with. Like everyone else his wife died and he has a 14 year old son in boarding school. I searched for him and I found at least 3 profiles on him. Yesterday morning, I gave it a 80 percent chance of being blocked before the day ended. Sent believable photos, more likely of someone else. When he wanted to actually talk he asked if I minded accents, stating he had a British one. Used the recent storm on one there to say he had no way to buy drugs and medical supplies for his crew.Find a girlfriend or lover in Rumford, or just have fun flirting online with Rumford single girls.Mingle2 is full of hot Rumford girls waiting to hear from you. Rumford Chat Rooms | Rumford Men | Rumford Women | Rumford Christian Dating | Rumford Black Singles | Rumford Asian Women Rumford Mature Women | Rumford Latin Singles | Rumford Mature Singles | Rumford Cougars | Rumford BBW | Rumford Singles Rumford Black Women | Rumford Latina Women | Rumford Christian Women | Rumford Muslim Women | Rumford Jewish Women I'm Rachelle ... I hope to eventually stumble upon the man of my dreams but I'm also not dillusional.

Each time you assume you will meet another problem. Report them and dont lower yourselves to their deceitful level. Told me he was divorced and had two little girls and was the same age as me (48). I have looked for this man on the Tennessee courts page, searched his picture and looked every place else I can think of and it’s as if he’s a ghost. Asked me if I would buy a 0 Steam card to enable him to stay in contact. Well I told her that that's only for one thing and she doesn't have a computer and when she tried to call that number back she got rerouted to I guess it would be the scammers because they were arguing and mocking her but in 2 weeks she is still planning on going to meet him!! Started by email on Match, moved to text and talking on phone. Seemed to be positive, kind and wanted to contribute and give back to the world. Then contradicted himself and said his family had died 3 yrs ago. Smile Hello, a friend of mine was almost scammed by a man "named" Charlie Newton. "Charlie" claimed to work in the oil business and needed her to transfer money into his bank account. It seems that we are fighting an uphill battle that has no end and it saddens me and makes me very angry. I told him right away I would not send him any money. Pleas note that the last comment by SMH was done by a scammer; note the poor English and lower case "i" Please know these are master manipulators similar to domestic abusers and child molestors The tactics used by scammers include Economic abuse Creation of fear (by-product of abuse / breach trust Isolation (move to messenger app)Monopolisatiom ( bombarding victim with messages , monitoring social media and sleepy deprivation in which case you are unable to make rational decisions.)Degradation (highly abusive to wear the victim down)Emotional or interpersonal withdrawal Guilt tripping Please note and do not feel stupid for "falling for someone you have never met " that’s how our minds work ; it’s psychology 101 Claims to be on a Oil Rig in Scotland, owned by Shell. Needs money so he can contact his daughter, but he supposedly has a job!!! Believe me I get many I call them out on it then they block me.

Suppose to be such a Godly Good Man but, still needs money to get off the rig, etc, etc, but, I'm broke and that wont change. He tried to talk to me about putting money into Bitcoin but I shut that down. He is God fearing, in texts, looks for love, to cherish and so forth. He’s in his late 50’s, says he lives in Hustin, lol. They never use the same name with their different targets. Last night he left a voicemail that I need to unblock him ‘babe’ from Whats App because he misses me so much. I set my phone to do not disturb and had to lock down twitter and Instagram. Then purchased pizza, delivered to her work for her and her co-workers. Understand all these things were paid for by stolen credit cards. The reason they ask for I tunes cards, is because they are easiest to convert into cash & it does not get traced back to him. He said he was 57, one son named Michael 13 yrs of age and in a boarding School in NY who had a Teacher named Michelle Guillard who was supposedly taking care of him. I have been texting a man about 65 for 3 months now. He started out on WWF always telling me my smile was beautiful & how young I look. He started off asking for i Tunes cards - I sent two but when he insisted I include receipts I told him that wasn't necessary if he’s an American. Posted pics of a good looking man with salt and pepper hair. Yesterday I see this cute Hispanic guy and his kid on my feed and I’m like who is this??? 🤔🤔🤔My response- Wow, you look completely different than the other photos your deleted. I blocked him after telling him he got caught so at least he never got any personal information. Lived in LA, owned a home in Tampa Fl and is on an oil rig in Scotland. I proceeded to put in writing all the discrepancies in most of what he told me. I don’t Know where he got the name, but the pictures that he sent me were of Mazen Adada, a prominent and very good looking businessman that lives in Dubai. I sent this Azem an Instagram telling him that I believe his identity had been compromised. He said he was shy to talk to me face to face even though he has his own company. I would like to see a pic if its the same I might just be able to help. Got to the point I blocked them online and still once in a while a call will come through with one of them still begging. Watch out ladies he has just scammed me out of 1200 and had so much love for me all he wants is more cards and more money and has millions so he showed me but can’t pay me back so don’t fall for his lies Just a few days in now but he's falling for me and would adore cooking with me (and his son when he's home from boarding school).

Very good at what he does, very romantic, handsome picture, two children, from Denmark, really uses the spiritual on my life. Works one month on the rig and one month off, and his month just started. They want your money and will lie, lie, lie to get it from you. I found what I thought was my Dream Man and for 13 days we talked and joked and shared what I thought was our life. I learned that by having both addresses, they could get her financial info, bank balance, etc. 30 days later, her finances showing she was not rich, he says he has been called off the rig. He asked me to buy his Son an Apple Laptop for his birthday and stupid me i did and sent it to the Michelle Guillard address and then before I knew it he was asking for money to help his son’s sports uniform. He says he works on a oil rig off the coast of Germany and he has a son 17 in Boarding school and his wife passed away 4 years ago. Every time he asks for money or cards, he has a rig problem (yes, his engine broke, he found out his deceased dad left him gold jewelry he made & I needed to retrieve it for him, he needs chopper fees to get off rig to see me, he wants to retire & spend his life with me, he needed his courier to send his documents from his bank, etc) but I always explain that’s ridiculous & why. I immediately thought something was up when he only had a couple hundred followers on IG. I was very careful and this is so unbelievable so beware ladies and don't fall for love at first text This man could have written the script for "Oil Rig Romance Scams". I have done a lot of research on him on all the social medias and a lot of the pictures that I received were there. I have not heard back from him which surprised me, so maybe he’s also involved. We talked on the phone several times and I felt that his voice seemed very vulnerable but somewhat very peaceful and calm. [email protected] you would like to leave your email. He inadvertently sent me the almost the same letter twice.

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