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Wilbur was high man with 25 points, followed by Evjan with 22, Bush with 21 and Vince Scott with 18. Action this week begins Fri- day with a full slate of contests and is repeated again on Satur- day night with four loop games. m., will find Mike Newbauer at 118; Wayne Peder- son at 126; Jim Johnson at 134; Randy Donovan at 142; Jerry Pickinpaugh at 150; Gary Bill at 158; Jay. Mel Mocco led Northwestern Bank with 30 points, while Lee Malmberg scored 20 points and Dan Wollman added 18. 9' 203 22.6 9 197 21.9 9 131 21.2 9 1*2 20.2 9 176 19.6 . Schmidt at 167; Billy Neher at 177; Dan James at 190; and Bill Ehlers at heavy- weight. Langford and Hurley rounded out the top ten, Langford slipped from eighth to ninth this week after a loss to Cbnde. Terry Kinsman, a 247 game in the Monday Nite 8 jeague. Harvey Thesenvitz, a 254 game in the Universal League. leveland Rips Neto York In WHA CLEVELAND (AP) - The Cleveland Crusaders tightened heir grip on the . In a one-sided affair the Hu- ron eight graders defeated Red- field 35-15, in a game played at the Huron Arena. was the high point man for Huron with ' 1C points, followed closely by. Joseph's, Pa., San Francisco, Syracuse and Ten- a 4-2-1 record, while the B squad closed out the season with · 4-3 mark. Andy Lanccnfcld 10-6 R4-- Garv Jcllia IW pinned Brian Tschctlor 90-Randy Pickrel (W) (1««.

Redfield Wins Region 4 Cage Championship ONIDA -- The Eedfield JC's won the Region 4 Amateur Bas- ketball Tournament with a 96- 89 victory over Onida Bank Sun- day night. Rbger Loecker, eighth grade basketball coach, applauded Barnes's work in holding Red- field's big gun, Bernie Randell, em match with an 8-0 record in dual competition and a vic- tory over the Wolves, according to Tate, would enable the Tribe to claim their first unbeaten mat season in history. · Hamlin was in 'seventh afte a victory over Grant - Deuel. IFeefe's Adult Honor Roll The adult honor roll for the week includes: Ron Tyler, a 245 game in the Uptown League.' Don Engel,'a 256 game in the Monday Kite 8 League. Splits were converted by Jean Kant, the 5-7; Bar- ry Greschke, the 6-7-10; Monte Reimer, the 3-10' Rusty Harnmon, the 3-9-10; Kobe Richards, the 5-10; Robert Tschetter, the 5-7; Ray Tschetter, the 5-7; Eon Hastings ;he 5-7; Troy. · ' Tim Mulleubcrg and Doug Jesson shared the scoring .hon- ors for Redfield, with six points each.Sioux Valley's final ranking of eighth marked the end of a long descent for the Cossacks who were ranked No, 1 in thp first poll of the season. Dick Tremel, a 247 game in the Monday Nile 8 League. Kittinger, the 4-5; Lanny Vensand, the 5- 6-10; Bruce Hartley, the 2-7; John Floe, the 5-6-10 and and 3-5-10; Terry Goehring, the 2-7-10; Karla Kahre, the 4-5; Kim Korthals, the 7-5; Roger Angle, the 5-7; Lori Eilers, the 4-5-7 and 4-10; and Barb Price, the 3-10. Both teams were extremely cold from the free throw line with Huron connecting on jus' three of 18 shots, while Red- Seventh g r a d e basketbal coach Bruce Shafer commented that Lanam played his besl game of the season at center, and that Simmons also player. The Huron seventh graders record is now 2-2 for the season. Brigham Young 190 20-1 15-2 18-2 18-4 17-2 16-2 17-2 15-3 14-4 16-3 18-3 17-2 16-3 17-4 14-4 *19-3 14-3 17-4 Others receiving voles, listed alphabetically: Cincinnati, Louisville, New Mexico Slate, Oklahoma, Oral Roberts, Oregon State, Purdue, Southern California, South Carolina, St.Burke, now 17-0 after a vi lory over Gregory, receive three first place votes, b u trailed Britton by nearly 2 points in the balloting. 3 Flandreau, whic jumped up from fifth last wee after a startling 73-50 victor over No. Th loss sent the Cossacks plungin down to eighth in this week' poll. Converting splits in the Friendship League wer Betty Meyers, the 5-7; Kuth Bennett, the 5-6-10 and 4 5; Alice Holm, the 4-5-7; Blanche Sager, the 5-9-10; Lola Mc Hugh, the 5-7; Velma Bennett, the 5-7; Bill Hubbard the 5-7-9; and Fred Beadles, the 5-6-10. An- nell Holmes, the 5-7, and Eileen Lewis, also the 5-7 Converting splits in the Pinspillers League were Bernice dgertson, the 5-10; Judy Treadway, the 5-6; Maggie Schr'ader, the 5-7-9; Terry Brugman, the 4-9; and Verna Kant, the 5-6. Next Friday Huron will host Aberdeen at p m at The Fair City Lanes. Huron will go into the North- XT \W7* Huron wins rri ' · jf~v Iwice Over ·rt £k*Tl'l"l«tkl«~l \ It Tstb. £ ive The Huron seventh graders beat the Redfield seventh grad ers 39-26 in basketball action Monday afternoon at the Huron Arena.Woonsocket, now 19-1 after victory over Alpena, moved u: from sixth to fifth, and unde feated Bennett County won it 18th straight over Wood am moved from seventh to sixth. Converting splits in the Splnnerettes League were Corrine Wip£, the 5-7, and Karen Ziegeldorf, the 4-5-7. Maggie Schraeder, a 229 game in the Pastime league Jeanne Rowcliffe, a 233 game in the Huron Com- munity League. Junior Botvling Competition The Huron girls won three out of the four games against Watertown in Eastern South Dakota competi- tion last Friday. The boys were paced by Rick Weber with games of 157, 225 and 238 for a 620 series. In Bantam League competition, Jeff Zwaniger earn- d a 175 badge with a 178 game; Mary Stahl, a 400 3adge; Lori Eilers, a 150 badge. ' Leading scorer for Huron was Kelly Lanam with 11 points, fol lowed by Brad Simmons with seven points and Rod Hook with six.

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