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Popcorn and drinks will be provided free of charge by the Gallipolis Junior Women's Club.

The Junior Women's Club is also offering a coloring contest for ages 3 through 3rd grade.

Over 60 acres set aside for wetland bird and wildlife species while serving as a living, learning laboratory for students.

A variety of wetland vegetation includes American sycamore, silver maple, cottonwood, arrowhead, buttonbush, and bullrushes.

White amurs have been introduced to control weed growth. The lake contains endless stump fields, and fishing at night can be hazardous to your electric motor.

If they are caught, they are to be immediately released. Impounded by damming a lowland swamp, all timber was left in the lake.

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Electric and water services are available on location.

It is home to Canadian geese, mallard ducks, great blue herons and egrets.

Wetland mammals abound, including beavers, minks, muskrats, and white-tailed deer.

Several types of turtles can be seen sunning on logs along the creek on warm summer days.

The sanctuary is open year-round for walk-in use during daylight hours. The Gallia County Hike & Bike Trail is 8.5 miles and follows an old railroad right-of-way between Bidwell and Gallipolis, at the Ohio River.

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