Acdsee pro 3 thumbnail not updating Man pooping on web cam

The half moon represents a developed file, (as in, you made changes in Develop mode).And the blue crayon tells you that you have edited the file, (in Edit mode).From time to time, you’re going to come across what we call “overlay icons” on these thumbnails. Some icons are just to let you know stuff, whereas others are interactive.These icons let you know relevant info about your photos at a glance. So, let’s break it down: If your file displays a little red speaker, the file has embedded or associated audio.If you’ve got some kind of beef with the overlay icons, — maybe overlay icons insulted your mother, — you don’t have to look at them.You can decide if you want them visible, visible in color, or if you just want specific ones in color.This eye getting rudely covered up by a postage stamp is the icon that tells you that that file is stored in an offline device: The Don’t Play icon, (for all you Uno fans) , represents files excluded from the ACDSee database.The orange square with a checkmark represents a file that has been tagged.

To investigate, left-click it to open the Map pane.

ACDSee Pro automatically detects your devices, including cameras, photo frames and external memory.

Browse these devices directly, and simply drag and drop to copy the images onto your hard drive. When you browse a folder, ACDSee Pro instantly populates the file list with thumbnails of your photos.

At the top of the File List pane, click View | Toggle Overlay Mode to control the visibility and color.

Toggle through the available modes with this ] key.

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