Accomodating temperamental characteristics

House: Ravenclaw :rave: Do you identify with the wood description? I was a little disappointed at first, because I'd never heard of that kind of wood before, but now I really like it.

My wood is traditionally associated with nobility, the willingness to lay your life down if necessary, and being able to confront the shadows in people's natures, including your own.

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JK Rowling seems to have put a lot of time into creating different wand woods, lenghts, cores and flexibilities. Ollivander's descriptions are very deep and detailed, showing his profund knowledge, not only of wand lore, but also of human nature. I was a little disappointed - thought it was too ordinary. It's focus is on subtlety, and I think that suits me very well, I'm not one to really show off or go all out.

I think that last part is kind of like me, I have no problem with identifying my 'dark side' and dealing with it, but I'm not so sure about the rest. I think its important, but I think its more the combination of wood core that matters.

I don't think the descriptions for phoenix feather or cypress really give enough information to say what effect that core would have on that wood though. My wand is 'hard.' I'm not entirely sure what that means in relation to wands but I think that can be like me.

Wand lengths have to do with body measurements, BUT, as Ollivander has mentioned, it also has to do with the development of one's character.

Tall wizards with short wands (such as Draco and Ron at first) seem to be "short of something" or need to go some lengths still in their development. As the description says, I'm often percieved as a loner and a mysterious person. Also I usually try to get myself thinking outside the box. I think it's quite important, but not as important as the wood. I'd like to add though, that I think there are some common characteristics between the Wood and the Core. No, unlike my wand, (I think) I'm quite a flexible person.

My wand is Cypress, Phoenix Feather, Hard, Ten inches.

What do you think of the symbolism behind short and long wands? There is the description Ollivander gives but I still think that, at 5 foot-ish, I would look quite silly with a 13-14inch wand. I think it fits with my house as well (see signature). I guess that the fact that Black Walnut's owner is sincere and loyal... Redwood, unicorn hair core, 10 3/4 inches, unyielding. Do you think that your wand on Pottermore reflects your personality?

:p My wand: Pine, Unicorn core, 9 3/4 inches, Unyielding Do you identify with the wood description? I am not easily swayed or manipulated and with my ambition, it fits perfectly. Going just by the Pottermore description, not at all.

Though, had I had gotten a dragon heart string I would have been very surprised.

(As I would have if by some mistake I would have ended up in Gryffindor! I adjust well to new situations and can cope with change.

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