Accommodating resistance exercise equipment

If you are serious about taking bands and chains to the next level, this article backs up its recommendations with science and examples of the proper implementation of the exercises.I don’t recommend that everyone use bands and chains, and I actually warn against their use because variable resistance is designed to overload more and that could be a problem with inexperienced athletes and coaches.This article, however, won’t simply hash out old ideas disguised to look novel and different.

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We are huge fans of the cart that Power Lift provides to coaches, as it’s a perfect fit for us.

Typically, we see the same approach of adding bands to squats to help with max strength, or using chains to help bring up a bench press that may be lagging.

Occasionally, a coach will support the use of bands and chains as a replacement to Olympic lifts, almost as an either/or option for power development.

It’s time to move away from the old notion that accommodating resistance is only for the elite.

I’ll state, however, that it is not a smart idea to rush into any method of training, and the use of these methods should still be part of a greater plan as a whole.

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