A phone dating service

Now, they just money-grind like the majority of dating sites out there, who's only focus is to trick men into spending their money by "upgrading" for a bunch of unworthy and selfish females.

And, once you pay for that upgrade, they try to claim, "No refunds," but if they don't refund your money, they are subject to fraud and can easily be sued. Make sure to always check if a dating website is an actual registered company before you risk throwing your money away.

The New-Age marketing techniques used to exploit the minds and emotions of human beings nowadays, has played a significant part in shaping what we witness today in dating (especially online dating).

It is extremely sad how idolizing appearances and facades intrigue the minds and hearts of people to the point where they lose simple human ideals and values.

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Then, those same types of females get angry at the world because they chose to be sloppy and become overweight by eating too much and feeling sorry for themselves, while not even trying to lose weight.

The majority of the women on have no real initiative of meeting the men who join only to experience their nonsense.

They simply think that all they need to do is post a profile of them looking cute and waiting for men to chase after them, so they can play the numbers game of "process of elimination" and be unfairly and overly-selective in choosing to communicate with a man who would think they are wonderful and a good match, after reading their profile and the facade BS that the women post.

I have witness hundreds of female online dating profiles on and other dating sites, where they claim to want to be with a good man, yet when they are approached by a genuinely good man, only seeking to take them up on their offer to be with someone who they will love and who will love them, they ignore the attempts or play the men out behind the scenes with their friends or family and make a game out of it.

Meanwhile, truly loving, attractive and genuine people are sincerely trying to meet a good person online to spend their lives with because they feel so lonely in such a selfish world.

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