A methodology for validating software product metrics

For example, lines of code (LOC) is a common measure of software development.But there are two ways to count each line of code: Thus, a single software package could have two very different LOC counts depending on which counting method is used.Additionally, software metrics shouldn’t be monitored simply because they’re easy to obtain and display – only metrics that add value to the project and process should be tracked.Software metrics are great for management teams because they offer a quick way to track software development, set goals and measure performance.But software development teams and management run the risk of having too much data and not enough emphasis on the software metrics that help deliver useful software to customers.

Measuring and analyzing doesn’t have to be burdensome or something that gets in the way of creating code.Many times, it takes more than one metric to understand, evaluate or control a software product, process, service or project.One way to show a summary view of a set of metrics is to use a Kiviat chart, also called a polar chart, radar chart or spider chart.Not reaching that number lets software development teams know they need to work more on reaching that target.These simple targets do not offer as much information on how the software metrics are trending.

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