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It may sound somewhat strange but it’s true in respect to Russian ladies.Your failure to give her flowers on the first date means that not only the girl of your dreams will feel devalued, but also her friends may strongly advise her against going out with you. Don’t try to understand this cultural idiosyncrasy.If you don’t care about your long-term prospects and you are indeed just after one thing, then proceed and see how it goes. But if you are thinking about a long-term loving and respectful relationship, then you are better off not attempting to get a token of her affection.However, there is one type of kiss that is allowed.

Failure to demonstrate any such gestures will make a Russian woman think that you have poor manners.Your Russian girlfriend-to-be had been thinking what to wear since the minute you asked her out.She has spent days preparing and hours on makeup and hair.Follow the tips how to rectify the situation and avoid mistakes.During the last decade, the courtship culture in Russia progressed to this unique-bordering-on-weird flower-based dating etiquette.

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