1950s dating terms

Originally something so good, that it is hard to take. His playing is "too much." Torch --- Used occasionally as a description of a song that expresses unrequited love. Train Wreck --- Event during the playing of a tune when the musicians "disagree" on where they are in the form (i.e. someone gets lost), so the chord changes and the melody may get confused for several bars, but depending on the abilities of the musicians (it happens to the best of them), there are usually no fatalities and the journey continues. Charlie is really layin' down some "clams" tonight. Hey, Charlie, that was some "clinker" that you just hit. Dad, Daddy-o --- A hipster's way of addressing another guy. Dee Jay, Disk Jockey --- An announcer of records on radio. He earned every bit of success and recognition he later received. Armstrong is the original Swing Jazz player that's why they call used to call him "Gate." Get Down --- To play or dance superlatively with abandon. It's cool, man, I know just what you mean, "I'm booted." In the Mix --- Put it together, make it happen. Please don't dominate the rap, "Jack." Hit the road, "Jack." Jake --- Okay. Jam Session --- A group of jazz players improvising. The 1920's was declared the Age of "Jazz." Jazz Box --- a jazz guitar. Jive --- A versatile word which can be used as a noun, verb or adjective. That guy is "out to lunch," I can't stand the way he plays. Hey, Lester, c'mon up to my "pad" you look like you need to cool down. Louis Jordan's band really "rocks." Rock and Roll --- Of course the new music of the 50's, but originally slang for sex.Combo --- Combination of musicians that varies in size from 3 to 10. Did you see that supreme "combo" that the Hawk put together? A superlative which has gained wide acceptance outside of jazz. That cat Miles, is "cool." Corny, Cornball --- A jazz man's term for trite, sweet or stale. He was "down by law." Drag --- As a verb - to depress or bring down a person's spirits or, as a noun - a person or thing which depresses. Put that cat "in the mix," we need a drummer for our upcoming tour. Even though nobody seems to like him, that guy is "jake" with me. You might want go downstairs, Duke's boys are having a "jam session." Jazz --- The music which is discussed here. The Ibanez PM model was developed in conjunction with Pat Metheny to meet his demand for a true "jazz box" Jitterbug --- A jumpy, jittery energetic dance or one who danced this dance during the swing period. Hey, baby, you're drivin' me crazy, let's "rock and roll." Sackbut --- The Sackbut was a 16th century instrument, similar to the trombone. I'm really "beat." Birdbrain --- A Charlie Parker imitator. Blow --- A jazzman's term for playing any instrument.

Ignasio the new guitarist is a finger zinger on the guitar. Flip --- A verb meaning to go crazy or a noun meaning an eccentric. Freak Lip --- A pair of kissers that wear like leather; one who can hit high C's all night and play a concert the next day. Said to have originated on the "Hot Five" song "Heebie Jeebies" when Louis Armstrong dropped his lyrics.

That dude is really cooking, I think he's going to "flip." Flip your lid --- Same as "Blow your top." That cat looks crazy. I can really dig Dizzy's new way of singing "scat." Scene --- A place or atmosphere.

I think he's gonna "flip his lid." Fly --- Smooth or slick. In the late twenties, Armstrong was the man on the New York "scene." Schmaltz it --- Play it "long-haired." Schmaltz or Schmalz --- It's the Yiddish word for chicken fat, and has been a slang term in the U. since the '20s for anything sickeningly sweet or "greasy", especially music or poetry. I can already tell from outside that Jimmy is "smokin'" tonight.

Boogie Woogie --- An early piano blues form that was popularized in Chicago. Hey, Lester, dig that "boogie woogie" that Yancy is layin' down. Alright, Jack, if ya want me to play, ya gotta come up with some "bread." Break it down --- Get hot!! Bring Down or Bringdown --- As a verb - to depress. Hey, man, don't "bring me down" with all of this crazy talk. It sounds like the joint is "jumpin'." Junk --- Heroin. Licks, hot licks --- An early term for phrase or solo. "Lid" has also entered the world of hip-hop slang via a company called Ultimate Lids that makes hats.

Bose Bouncing --- To play notes so low as to bounce a Bose speaker from its foundation. Hey, let's get out of here, that guy is a real "bringdown." Bug --- To annoy or bewilder. How can you expect to make a buck when "Joe Below" almost plays for free? Louie can really lay down some "hot licks." Licorice Stick --- Clarinet Gee, Jody, doesn't it "chill 'ya" the way Benny plays that "licorice stick"? Moldy Fig --- During the Bop era, fans and players of the new music used this term to discribe fans and players of the earlier New Orleans Jazz.

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