1168 in updating

When I download the latest driver online and install it, it works.

However, a few hours later, after booting up my system, I see that the driver has downgraded to...

If the device fails or has issues after updating the...

My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 7447 and its integrated GPU is Intel HD Graphics 4600.

However, I started to think about simply upgrading the installation to Datacenter instead of having to start from scratch.

For me, the upgrade process was immensely quicker than totally reinstalling my test VMs with the needed Datacenter Edition of Windows Server 2019.

Definitely keep the upgrade path in mind if you run into limitations imposed by running Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition.

I'm thinking of going back to a previous version of windows right before the creators update (i think its the same as 1703).

I don't like all the changes it caused, mainly not being able to rearrange my files the way i want to, that's a must have...

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